Flying thing

So I watched a video tutorial of Ian Galvin, sketching one of his crazy moto-jets and I wanted to give it a try. I’m really far to be satisfied with this result but for the time I spent on it it’s ok… Here it’s not a moto-jet it’s more like a…jet…thing. The second image is…

Shinola, a “Made in Detroit” story

Last Friday, I went to the Shinola facility downtown Detroit to learn more about the brand and its products, especially how and where they are manufactured. Most of the bicycles built there are hand made and the level of craftsmanship is impressive. In the watch assembly lines, the air is pressurized to keep any dust…

Black & White RC Shooting

Another evening shooting RC cars with friends. – FUN –

Green Tail

Let’s film!

Finally got this baby. My life can start being awesome ^_^